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Word Definition
labarum moral standard; ecclesiastical banner bearing Christ's monogram
labefactation a weakening decay; overthrow
labeorphily collection and study of beer bottle labels
labidometer instrument for measuring size of the head of a fetus
labile adaptable; unstable
lability plasticity; openness to change or breakdown
labiomancy lip reading
labret lip ornament
labrose thick-lipped
labtebricole living in holes
lac dark red transparent resin used to make shellac
laccolith mass of igneous rock intruded between two sedimentary beds
lacertiform shaped like a lizard
lacertilian of, like or pertaining to lizards
laches negligence or undue delay in fulfilling legal duty
lachrymatory narrow-necked bottle or vase
lachrymiform shaped like a tear
lachrymogenic causing tears or weeping
lachrymose shedding tears
laciniate cut into narrow lobes; slashed; fringed
laciniform shaped like a fringe
lacis network
lackaday expression of regret or deprecation
laconicum sauna
lactarium dairy farm or milking operation
lacteous milky
lactescent secreting milk
lactiferous milk-bearing
lactifluous flowing with milk
lactogenic producing milk
lactometer instrument for testing relative density of milk
lactoscope instrument for measuring purity or richness of milk
lacuna a blank space or missing part
lacunar sunken panel or coffer in a ceiling
lacuscular of, like or pertaining to pools
lacustrine of, like or pertaining to lakes
ladronism banditry; robbery
laeotropic turning to the left
laevoduction movement leftwards
lagan cargo jettisoned from ship but marked by buoys for recovery
lagan wreckage or goods at the bottom of the sea
lagena flask
lageniform shaped like a flask
lagerphone percussion instrument with bottlecaps loosely nailed to pole
lagniappe gratuity
lagostoma harelip
lagotic having ears like a hare's
laic of, like or pertaining to lay people rather than clergy
laicisation process of returning a clergyman to lay status
laicism doctrine of opposition to clergy and priests
lairwite fine given to married women for adultery
laitance milky deposit on top of fresh concrete
lallation childish speech; mispronunciation of speech sounds
lambdoid shaped like the letter lambda (^) or "L"
lambent moving about as if touching lightly; flickering; glowing
lambert unit of brightness of light
lambitive taken by licking up with the tongue
lambrequin drapery over a window or doorway; veil over a helmet
lamé fabric in which metallic threads are interwoven
lamella thin plate or layer
lamelliform shaped like a plate or layer
lamiaceous minty; of, like or pertaining to the mint plant
lamina thin plate or layer
laminary of, like or pertaining to thin plates or layer
lamister fugitive
lammergeier giant vulture-like bird of prey
lampad lamp, candlestick or torch
lampadedromy torch-race
lampadephore torchbearer
lampadomancy divination by flame
lampion decorated oil lamp
lamprophony speaking in loud and clear tones
lampyridine of, like or pertaining or pertaining to glow-worms or fireflies
lanai private balcony in a hotel room
lanameter instrument for measuring quality of wool
lanate woolly
lanceolate shaped like a lance-head
lanciform shaped like a lance
lancinate to lacerate; to pierce
lancination sharp; shooting pain
landau horse-drawn carriage with folding top
landocracy government by the propertied class; timocracy
langlauf cross-country skiing or running
langley unit of solar radiation
languescent growing languid
languet tongue-like object or part
languor listlessness; weariness
laniary of teeth or claws designed for tearing (canine teeth)
laniferous wool-bearing
lanigerous bearing wool
lanuginose downy; covered with fine soft hair
lanyard rope or line for fastening something in a ship
lanyard cord for hanging a knife or whistle around the neck
Laodicean lukewarm; half-hearted
lapactic purgative
laparoscope instrument for viewing interior of peritoneal cavity
lapicide stonecutter
lapidarian of, like or pertaining to stones; inscribed on stones
lapidary gem-cutter
lapidate to pelt with stones; to kill by stoning
lapideous stony
lapidescent becoming stone; petrifying
lapifidication petrifaction
lapilliform shaped like a small stone
lapillus small stone ejected by volcanic eruption
lappaceous prickly
lappet fold or flap on a garment or headdress worn by priest
laquearia panelled ceiling
lar local god of a house
larboard left side of a ship
lardaceous of, like or pertaining to lard
lares local Roman gods
largifical ample; bountiful
largiloquent talkative; full of words
largition giving of largess
larine of, like or pertaining to gulls
larithmics study of population statistics
laroid of, like or pertaining to gulls
larrigan high oil-tanned leather boot or moccasin
larrup to flog or thrash
larvicide killing of larvae
larviparous giving birth to larvae
larvivorous feeding on larvae
laryngology study of larynx
laryngoscope instrument for examining interior of the larynx
lasher weir
lassitude state of being tired or weary
lastage room for stowing goods in a ship
lasting sturdy cotton or worsted cloth
latebricole living in holes
lateen triangular sail rigged on ship's spar
laterigrade running or moving sideways
lateritious brick-red
latescent becoming latent
laticiferous containing or conveying latex
latidentate having broad teeth
latifundia great landed estates
latinitaster a petty scholar of Latin
latipennate having broad wings
latitant lurking; lying in wait; hibernating
latitat writ based on supposition that person is in hiding
latitudinarian one having tolerant or free religious views
latitudinarianism doctrine of broad liberality in religious belief and conduct
latitudinous broad or wide interpretation
lative indicating motion up to or as far as
latrant barking
latration the act of yelping or barking
latria highest degree of veneration, assigned to God over saints
latrocinate to engage in highway robbery
latten metal in thin plates
latticinio glass having white veins
laudanum an opium preparation
lauds prayer service held at dawn following matins
lauriferous bearing laurels
lautenclavicymbel lute harpsichord with gut strings
lautitious sumptuous
lavabo ceremony in which priest washes his hands; basin for the ceremony
lavadero place for washing gold ore
lavaliere jeweled pendant worn round the neck; pendant microphone
lavatory wash-basin for washing bodies of newly dead; room where lavabo kept
laveer to sail against the wind
laver large vessel for washing, especially for ritual purification
lavic of, like or pertaining to lava
lavolta lively bouncy dance for two persons
lavra group of recluses' cells
lawn fine sheer plain-woven cotton or linen
laxism belief that an unlikely opinion may be safely followed
layette baby's complete set of clothing
laystall place for depositing dung or rubbish
lazar leper or person with similar pestilential disease
lazaret space in ship between decks used for storage
lazaretto hospital for lepers
lea arable land left fallow or used for pasture
lecanomancy divination using water in a basin or pool
lecanoscopy staring at pool of water as means of self-hypnosis
lecithal having a yolk
lectern desk or stand from which church lessons are read
lection reading; lesson read in church
lectisternium sacrifice where images of gods placed on couches and offered food
lectrice female reader in church
lectual requiring bed rest or confinement to bed
leeboard wood or metal planes attached to hull to prevent leeway
leech a vertical edge of a square sail
legalism belief that salvation depends on strict adherence to the law
legatine of, like or pertaining to a legate
legerity lightness; nimbleness
legist person knowledgeable about the law
leguleian like a lawyer; underhanded and legalistic
leiotrichous straight-haired
leister three-pronged spear or trident used for fishing
leman a lover, sweetheart or paramour
lemma preliminary proposition, theme, argument or headword
lemures spirits of the dead
lemurine of, like or pertaining to lemurs
lenify to mitigate or assuage
lenitive soothing; laxative; mitigating
lenity mildness; clemency
leno open-woven fabric
lentic associated with standing water
lentiform shaped like a lens
lentiginose minutely dotted; freckled
lentigo freckle
lentitude lethargy; slowness
lentor sluggishness; viscidity
leonine of, like or pertaining to lions
leonine of or like a lion; rhyming last two or three syllables in a line
leontiasis form of leprosy in which the face becomes wrinkly and somewhat lion-like
leopon crossbreed between a leopard and a lion
lepadoid resembling a barnacle
lepid pleasant; charming; amusing
lepidine composed of scales
lepidopterology study of butterflies and moths
lepidopterous having four wings, such as a moth or butterfly
leporiform resembling or shaped like a hare
leporine of, like or pertaining to the hare
leprology study of leprosy
leprosarium hospital for lepers
leprose scaly; scurfy
leptochrous abnormally thick-skinned
leptometer instrument for measuring oil viscosity
leptosome person with a slight or slender build
lethe oblivion; forgetfulness
lethiferous causing death; carrying or bearing death
lethologica inability to remember the right word
lethonomia tendency to forget names
leucochroic white or pale-coloured
leucomelanous having dark hair and eyes but fair skin
leucous albino; having fair or pale hair or complexion
levant to run away from a debt
leveret a hare in its first year; a mistress
levigate to smooth; to grind to a fine powder; to polish; to lighten
levin lightning
levirate custom of compulsory marriage with brother's widow
lexer law student
lexicology study of words and their meanings
lexigram sign which represents a word
lexigraphy art of definition of words
lexigraphy system of writing in which each sign represents a word
lexiphanic bombastic; sesquipedalian; using many long words
lexis way in which a piece of writing is expressed in words
ley mystical straight line between features of landscape
liard grey; dapple-grey
lias fossil-bearing limestone
libaniferous yielding or bearing incense
libanomancy divination by watching incense smoke
libanotophorous producing incense
libeccio southwest wind
libellant one who brings a charge of libel
liber phloem or fibre from tree
liberticide destruction of liberty
libertinage debauchery
libidinist lewd person
libken place to sleep in
librate to oscillate; to be poised
libration apparent oscillation of moon's visible surface
libriform shaped like a book
lichenology study of lichens
lickerish lecherous; lusty; greedy
lictor ancient Roman magistrate's attendant
lido bathing beach; open-air swimming pool
lief soon; gladly
lienal of, like or pertaining to the spleen
lientery discharge of partially digested food
ligation the act of binding; the state of being bound
ligger horizontal timber of a scaffolding
lighter large open boat used in loading and unloading ships
lighterage cargo carried by or fee for carrying cargo by lighter
ligneous woody; wooden
ligniform of the form or shape of wood
lignify to make woody; to turn into wood
ligniperdous destructive of wood
lignite woody coal
lignivorous feeding on wood
ligulate resembling or shaped like a strap
ligyrophobia fear of loud noises
limaciform slug-like
limacine of, like or pertaining to slugs
limacology study of slugs
limation polishing or smoothing; correction of astronomical errors
limax slug
limbate possessing a border
limbus border
limes border
limicoline living on a shore; of, like or pertaining to wading birds
limicolous living in mud
limitrophe near the frontier or border
limivorous eating mud
limn to portray, paint or delineate
limner painter of portraits
limnetic living in fresh water; pertaining to fresh water
limnobiology study of freshwater ecosystems
limnology study of bodies of fresh water
limnophilous living in ponds or marshes
limoniad meadow nymph
limophoitos insanity due to lack of food
limosis abnormally ravenous appetite
limous muddy; slimy
limpid clear; transparent
linaceous of, like or pertaining to flax
linchpin person or thing vital to an organization
lincrusta thick embossed wallpaper
lindy hop lively dance closely resembling the jitterbug and famous for its aerials
lineament distinctive feature or characteristic
lineolate marked with fine lines
lingual of, like or pertaining to language, speech or the tongue
linguiform shaped like a tongue
linonophobia fear of string
linsey coarse linen and wool blend
linsey-woolsey thin coarse fabric of wool and linen
lintel horizontal beam supporting the load above a door
lioncelle small lion used as a bearing
lionism lion-like appearance symptomatic of leprosy
lipogram piece of writing in which a certain letter is excluded
lipography accidental omission of letter or syllable in wrting
lipomatosis obesity
lipothymy swoon
lippitude soreness of the eyes
lipsanographer one who writes about relics
lipsanotheca container for relics
liquate to melt; to subject to liquation
liquescent becoming liquid
liquifacient liquifying agent
liquifaction the act of liquefying something
liripipe long tail of a graduate's hood; a part or lesson committed to memory
lissome lithe; nimble; flexible
lissotrichous smooth-haired
litany prayer of supplication in responsive style
literatim letter for letter
literation representation of sounds by letters
literator dabbler in learning
literose spuriously or affectedly literary
lithochromy painting upon stone
lithoclast stone breaker; tool for breaking rocks
lithodomous living in burrows in rocks
lithogenous rock-building
lithoglyph engraving on stone
litholatry stone-worship
lithology study of rocks
lithomancy divination by stones or meteorites
lithophagous stone-swallowing; rock-boring; eating rock
lithophilous living among stones
lithophyte plant that grows on rock
litotes understatement by affirming using negation of the contrary
littoral of, like or pertaining to the shore of a body of water
liturate spotted
liturgician one who studies or recites church rituals
liturgiology study of liturgical forms and church rituals
liturgist leader in public worship
livedo pathological blueness of skin
lixiviation leaching
loan-word word borrowed from another language
lobar of, like or pertaining to a lobe
lobate having a lobe or lobes
lobcock bumpkin, boor or lout
lobular shaped like a lobe
locanda lodging-house; inn
locative indicating location or place where
locellate divided into small compartments
locellus small compartment of a cell
lochetic waiting in ambush
lochlet little loch
lockram coarse linen
lockstep method of marching in tight formation
locomobile self-propelling machine; early automobile
loculate having loculi
loculus small compartment or recess for holding an urn
locum clergyman temporarily replacing regular priest
locuplete well-stored
locutory room for conversation
loden heavy waterproof woollen fabric
lodesman pilot
loess deposit of rich and fertile soil
logan rocking-stone
loganamnosis mania for trying to recall forgotten words
logarithmancy divination by means of algorithms
loggia covered open arcade
logia collection of sayings
logicaster a petty logician
logocracy government of words
logodaedalus artificer in words
logodaedaly verbal legerdemain
logogogue one who issues laws or rules regarding words
logogram single sign standing for word or phrase
logogriph riddle in which word is found from other words' letters
logomachy contention about words or in words
logomancy divination using words
logomania pathological loquacity
logopedics speech therapy
logophile a lover of words
logorrhea excessive flow of words; uncontrollable garrulity
logos divine rational principle
logotype body of text with frequently occurring word or syllable
loimic of, like or pertaining to plagues
loimology study of plagues and epidemics
lollop to bound about wildly
longanimity forbearance; patience
longe rope used in training horses
longeron longitudinal membrane of an airplane
longiloquence long-winded language
longiniquity remoteness
longueur period of dullness or tedium
loranthaceous of, like or pertaining to the mistletoe
lordolatry worship of nobility
lordosis convex curvature of the spine
loreal located in the area between the eyes and the nose or snout
lorette courtesan
lorgnette eyeglasses with a handle
lorgnon an eyeglass
loricate armoured with plates or scales; to coat or armour protectively
lorimer saddlemaker
losel worthless fellow; scamp
lotic associated with or living in running water
lotophagous feeding on lotuses; indolent; lazy; dreamy
louche squinting; ambiguous; shady
louchettes spectacles used to reduce glare and prevent squinting
loupe jeweller's magnifying glass worn on the eye-socket
lour to look sullen or threatening
louvre sloping slat placed across an opening
lovat grey-green; blue-green
loxodograph device used to record ship's travels
loxodrome line on the globe equally oblique to all meridians
loxodromy study of sailing along rhumb-lines
loxophthalmus squint
loxotic distorted; oblique
lubricious slippery; lewd
lubricity greasiness; wiliness
lubritorium service station
lucarne dormer window
lucent shining; bright
lucernal of, like or pertaining to lamps
luciferous light-bringing; light-giving
luciform like light
lucifugous shunning or avoiding light
lucigen lamp burning oil mixed with air in a spray
lucimeter instrument for measuring light intensity
luciphyllous light-absorbing or consuming
lucre sordid gain; riches
lucriferous lucrative; yielding profit
lucripetous eager for gain
luctation struggle
lucubration study protracted late into the night
luculent bright; clear; convincing
ludibry contempt; derision
ludibund playful
ludic spontaneously and aimlessly playful
ludicrism burlesque
luff windward side of a ship; forward edge of fore-and-aft sail
lugsail four-sided sail bent to an obliquely hanging yard
lugubrious mournful; dismal
lumbriciform shaped like a worm; worm-like
lumbricine of, like or pertaining to earthworms
lumen unit of luminous flux
luminiferous bearing or bringing light
luminist artist who uses the effects of light; impressionist
lunarist one who believes that the moon affects the weather
lunate crescent-shaped
lunation lunar month; interval between successive new moons
lunette crescent-shaped space where a vault meets a wall
lunisolar pertaining jointly to the moon and sun
lunistice time when moon is farthest north or south each month
lunula Bronze Age crescent necklace; white part of fingernail base
lunulate shaped like a small crescent
lupanarian of, like or pertaining to a brothel
lupicide killing of a wolf
lupiform shaped like a wolf
lupine of, like or pertaining to wolves
lupulic of, like or pertaining to hops
lurdan lazy and dull individual
lurid red-yellow; yellow-brown
lusory playful
lustrate to purify by sacrifice
lustration ritual washing; ablution
lustring glossy silk
lustrum period of five years; periodic purification of Roman empire
lutaceous of, like or pertaining to or comprised of mud
lutarious inhabiting mud
lutchet fitting on ship's deck to allow mast to pivot to pass under bridges
luteolous yellowish
luteous golden-yellow
lutescent yellowish
lutestring plain glossy silk
luthier maker of stringed instruments
lutose covered with mud or clay; muddy
lutrine of, like or pertaining to otters
lutulent thick; muddy
lux unit of illumination equal to one lumen per square meter
luxate to displace or dislocate
luxation dislocation of an anatomical part
luxmeter instrument for measuring illumination
luxuriant overabundant in growth
lycanthropy mythical ability of humans to turn into wolves; werewolfism
lyceum school of philosophical instruction
lychgate roofed gate of a churchyard
lychnobite one who works at night and sleeps in the day
lychnoscope low side window
Lydian effeminate; luxurious
lygophilia love of darkness
lygophobia fear of darkness
lyncean lynx-like; sharp-sighted
lyophile easily dispersed in a suitable medium
lyophilization freeze-drying
lypemania extreme pathological mournfulness
lyrate lyre-shaped
lyrichord kind of obsolete harpsichord
lyricon electronic wind instrument like a large obverse flute
lysarden old wind instrument like a cornett or serpent
lysigenic caused by the breaking down of cells
lysimeter instrument for measuring percolation of water through soil
lysis disintegration; destruction
lyssophobia abnormal fear of hydrophobia
lyterian indicating the end of a disease
lythcoop auction of household goods

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